Latin Wedding Ceremony Traditions

The Latino culture is full of rich customs that can help to make any wedding a genuinely memorable celebration. From the seguidillas manchegas (money dance) to mariachi music, the probabilities for combining Latin American wedding customs into your wedding day are never-ending. And while you may not want to add all of these traditions into your formal procedure and reception, a little bit of research is a good way to find the kinds that are the majority of meaningful to you as well as your partner.

One of the most common aspects of a Latin American wedding is definitely the arras, which usually features 13 gold coins comprising Jesus wonderful 12 apostles and are provided to the bride-to-be by her father or mother prior to the ceremony. An additional traditional ritual is the cepo, which is a wedding lasso that may be placed over the newlyweds during their feast day. It symbolizes their eternal admiration and a new beginning and will also be with the rosary service, or relación de desposorio. A padrino, or god-parent, is an important area of the wedding and will assist with many different facets of the ceremony, like the arras, rosary or vinculo.

Baca explains that, while others of these traditions are similar around Latin America, every nation has its own unique communities, decorations and reputations that make for your variety of marriage ceremony must-haves. Whether you wish to keep facts completely traditional or perhaps add some simple elements, these kinds of 10 Latina wedding ceremony rituals will let you honor the heritage and celebrate however you like.